Seven Days Without Love Makes One Weak

7 days without love makes one weekAll living beings on this wild planet need food and water to nourish and quench their bodies. This includes beautiful vines, flowers and beasts. Human beings are no different in this regard- without food and water we perish. We do however have an extra need. It is need of the heart and soul, rather than the flesh; love. Read more »

How To Make Him Love You More

How to Make Him Love You MoreThat you even have his heart in the first place is a blessing. To be loved by a man is a beautiful, warm feeling. Yet when we feel so strongly about someone it is natural to want to intensify this emotion. Thus many women ask; how can I make him love me more? Read more »

How to Make Love on a Beach

How to Make Love on a BeachMaking love on a beach can be very exciting. Lying on the warm sand and being in the presence of the ocean or sea can really stimulate your senses. Imagine the warm water as it washes the sand away underneath you with each wave. There is an element of freedom that can make the experience very liberating and to some extent, even cleansing. Read more »

How to Make Love on a Rooftop

how to make love on a roofMaking love on a roof can be a very dangerous undertaking. Obviously for most people who intend to try that the risk of danger will play a major part in their levels of excitement. Again, I must warn all those unaware that making love on a roof or any public place is considered a public misconduct by the police and you may get arrested, especially in some more rigid states in the US. Read more »

How To Make Love In a Car

How to make love in a car A car is a symbol of a Western culture. The idea of making love in a car has been romanticized by Hollywood movies about the American teens of 1950’s which always featured a drive in cinema where the guy tried to score with a girl whom he took out on a date. The cars then were quite big and with plenty of space in the front. The gear stick was usually placed by the steering wheel, so it never got in a way. Read more »

How to Make Love to an Older Woman

How to make love to an older woman Making love to an older woman doesn’t have to be more complicated or difficult than it is to a younger woman, however one should consider other factors that come into play. If the woman is about 40 or 50 years of age it is very likely that she will be married with children. Before you progress into any action find out if she is divorced first, because families have been ruined due to momentary passions. Read more »

How to Make Love on the Train

make love on a train Some train rides can be very long and boring. For couples who can not simply keep away from each other even for a few hours, a long train ride can turn into torture. I dedicate this post to all those who feel that their love is a priority regardless of the situation. So how can you make love on a train? Is it even legal?