How to Make Love to an Older Woman

How to make love to an older woman Making love to an older woman doesn’t have to be more complicated or difficult than it is to a younger woman, however one should consider other factors that come into play. If the woman is about 40 or 50 years of age it is very likely that she will be married with children. Before you progress into any action find out if she is divorced first, because families have been ruined due to momentary passions.

Let us first establish the age difference because if the man is 20 years old and the woman 40 years old than things may be a little different than for example if the man was 40 years old and the woman 60.

Obviously if the woman is considerably older she will need the man to be much more gentle, loving, and caring. It is very likely that things will progress slowly since she needs reassurance that you are really in love with her. Foreplay will play a vital role in this. She needs to know that your love making will not turn into judgment and a bad experience that will overshadow your ralationship.

At that age she might feel quite insecure about her body and hence be quite vunerable to your comments as well as actions. So be conscious of that and make sure that you are both happy to progress further into love making.

Certain acts and positions may not be possible, since the body of a mature woman will most likely be less flexible, so try to respect that and stick to simple positions that will bring satisfaction to both you.

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